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Amrut Sarita Bhag - 2

The words uttered by the Lord manifest on the earth are the form of the Lord Himself. Similarly, the words uttered by a God-realised personality too are divine, inspiring and lead us to the divine form of God. All the actions of an Anadi Mukta are virtually performed by God Himself. So the words of an Anadi Mukta are the words spoken by the Lord Himself. Pujya Shri Narayanbhai was such an Anadi Mukta. He always insisted on concealing his state of being a God-realised saint and behaved with such humility that he always described himself as mere an humble devotee of God. So, he used to avoid his discourses to be formally arranged or recorded. Yet, we are fortunate to have some of his speeches recorded. This book contains these transcribed discourses. They are not like the common speeches which could be a bundle of intellectual reasoning or mere memorization. But they seem to be flowing from the ocean of divine experience. They immediately draw us to the divine form of God. They are pacifying and illuminating. They lift us beyond our bodily consciousness and mundane conditioning.

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