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Balako na Bapashri

When Lord Swaminarayan manifested on this earth, the worship of earlier incarnations had a strong and widespread prevalence. But, Lord Swaminaryan, to make people understand His Supreme Form, resorted to putting aspirants into Samadhi wherein an aspirant would see his cherished deity in the service of Lord Swaminarayan. When Lord wished to dissolve His human form and retire to Akshardham, He entrusted His muktas the task of spreading His supremacy. After disappearing from this earth, He continued to function through His muktas. One of such muktas is Abjibapashri. Lord Himself sent him on this earth to spread (i) the understanding that Lord Swaminarayan is the Supreme Lord (ii) the philosophy of dwelling in the form of God observing a specific non-duality (iii) the understanding that the transcendent form of God, the human form of God on the earth and the form residing in the various idols installed in the mandirs are one and the same. Pujya Shri Narayanbhai who is blessed by Lord Swaminarayan and Abjibapashri had classified the contents of the discourses of Abjibhapashri subject-wise. And now they appear in the form of this booklet.

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