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Bapashrini Vaatonu Ekikaran

The spiritual sermons of Bapashri are collected in original form in a book named 'Bapashri-ni Vato'. But as they are the original speeches, different spiritual aspects are interwoven. Pujyashri Narayanbhai with much labour and care unfolded each aspect. He compiled words of different concepts under separate heads such as: The nature of the divinity of Shreeji Maharaj and the knowledge thereof; 'dhyan' or Meditation; 'upasana' or worship; Vairagya' or Renunciation; 'panch vartman' or Five Injunctions or five Religious Vows; 'dharma' or Duty towards God; 'mukto-na bhed-lakshan-mahima' or the Spiritual discrimination that helps us recognise the attributes of 'mukta' etc. This thematical classification helps the reader to understand the most intricate spiritual content of the book. Thus this spiritual guide by Pujyashri Narayanbhai is nothing but a blessing for the seekers of 'atyantik moksha'.

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