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Kirtan Madhuri Bhag- 2

Shreeji Maharaj's contemporary paramhamsas like Muktanand Swami, Premanand Swami, Nishkulanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami, and others were gifted and accomplished poets. Moreover, Gopalanand Swami, Shatanand Swami, Nishkamanand Swami, Nityanand Swami, Dinannath Bhatt and others were scholars in Sanskrit. Their art of composing devotional songs and shlokas ruled a zenith place among the poets of those days. If mere listening or singing of these devotional songs and shlokas draws us towards the divine form of God, then what would they have been experiencing! These songs and shlokas are not composed by just arranging figurative words, but they 'got composed' intuitively on visualizing God on various occasions. They have enriched their poetry with the description of the greatness of God, His charm and His actions. Bhakti, in the form of singing and listening of devotional songs or stotras, is the easiest way of appeasing God. In this book, it is narrated by whom and how a particular stotra or song happened to be composed and what that stotra means.