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In the Maniratnamala, it is said, જીતં જગત કેન મનો હી યેન (Who is said to have conquered the world? Indeed, the one who has conquered his mind). Swami Vivekanad says, "There is nothing in this universe which does not come under the control of a person who has brought his mind under his control." The mind is so strange and incomprehensible that if it is not employed properly it can be the cause of cycles of births and deaths and if employed properly it can serve as the ladder to liberation. The mind has ruined many seekers' spiritual forts to dust. So it is extremely important to know the nature of mind, the techniques of harnessing it and then turning it towards God. Pujya Shri Narayanbhai used to say, 'Make your mind as deep and encompassing as an ocean. Hide the secrets of spirituality you have known at the bottom of that ocean.' This booklet throws light on the properties of mind, its strength, the techniques of mastering it and finally guiding it towards God.