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Panch Vartaman

When a person is initiated into Swaminarayan fold, he has to pledge to observe five basic vows– (i) non-taking of intoxicants (ii) non-taking of meat (iii) non-stealing (iv) avoidance from adultery (v) non-defilement. Though these vows are as few in number as five, but when observed, each of them is capable to purify a person¬– externally as well as internally. If understood in their wider and deeper sense, each one of them has tremendous power to purify one's chitta such that it becomes capable to retain incessant memory of the divine form of God. All the lengthy and arduous austerities set down in various scriptures of the entire globe get included in the observance of these five vows. This book contains the subtle and comprehensive meanings of these vows as detailed by Pujya Shri Narayanbhai. The meanings and effects of these vows as described in this book are not out of mere intellectuality. But it is in conformity with what Lord Himself wants it to be understood as.