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Prasangmala Part-1

Just as while doing rosary our mind becomes focussed on the form of God, similarly while reading or listening to the incidents in the life of an Anadi Mukta we get focussed on the form of God. An Anadi Mukta''s life itself is a collection of his preachings. His every action provides a divine message for an aspirant. By going through the occasions in the life of an Anadi Mukta we come to know about his various virtues which we have to cultivate so as to become capable to enjoy the bliss divine. An Anadi Mukta''s behaviour during certain types of situations teaches us how to behave in those conditions. This book contains 54 incidents from the life of Pujya Shri Narayanbhai– the Anadi Mukta blessed by Shriji Maharaj and Abjibapashri. Each and every occasion is inspiring and illuminating. They reveal to us his spiritual powers, compassion to jivas, steadfastness, adherence to the injunctions of Shriji Maharaj, and his meekness despite being as capable as Lord Himself. These occasions are helpful in infusing into us the virtues he possessed and in remembering the form of God because remembrance of an Anadi Mukta automatically leads to remembrance of the divine form of God

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