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Samast Jivan Ka Yog

The Supreme God who creates, maintains and dissolves countless cosmoses and who sends various incarnations to each of these cosmoses when required is Lord Swaminaryan, the highest God. To be united with this highest God is called yoga. The ultimate goal of human life is to be united with the Supreme God. But, man, oblivious of this fact, vainly struggle round the clock for making his life happier by achieving worldly comforts. But he forgets that the highest and everlasting happiness lies in God. So, every human-being should engage in this yoga. An enlightened personality like Pujya Shri Narayanbhai can show us the plain and easy technique of yoga which simultaneously guarantees the attainment of the highest bliss as well as worldly prosperity. This booklet describes the yoga which concurrently goes on hand in hand with our daily affairs and leads us to the bliss divine.