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Sarvopari Bhagvan Shri Swaminarayan Ane Vishwadharma

In response to a suggestion made by Acharya Shri Tejendraprasadji of Narnarayandev Gadi, Ahmedabad and a committee of scholars and saints, Muktaraj Shri Narayanbhai had written an article, entitled: ''Sarvopari Bhagwan Shri Swaminarayan Ane Vishwa Dharma'' for a special number of the magazine: ''Bhagwan Swaminarayan''. The article contained a brief survey of the life and works of Shreeji Maharaj and a critique of Swaminarayan Dharma as a world religion. Later on Muktaraj expanded this article into a book and published it under the same title. He undertook this project to remove misconceptions about Swaminarayan philosophy and its founder and make people understand and accept rationally the ways of God to secure eternal bliss through the worship of his manifest form. This short but not small booklet will convince the reader that here is a religion with universal implication and not a narrow sect.

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