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Shikshapatri Rahashyasar Khand - 2

The Shikshapatri is a small prescription of code of conduct written by Lord Swaminarayan Himself. Though having as few as 212 shlokas, it covers all the aspects of human life– daily affairs, religious do's and don?'s, duties of humans belonging to various ashrams, philosophical understanding and much more. If followed, it proves to be a source of ultimate well-being. But, it is a fact that before putting into practice, the divine injunctions require an explanation by an enlightened person. Pujya Shri Narayanbhai has himself prepared elaborative notes on each of these 212 shlokas and the same has been published in a book form with this name. In the present times when a man finds it difficult to find time to read voluminous scriptures, this book, compiled by an enlightened personality, will surely serve as a complete guide to all the matters of spirituality.

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