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Vachanamrut Margdarshika - 3

In order that jivas know His divine form, perform His worship and finally attain His divine bliss, Lord Swaminarayan assumed human form on this earth. To spread the pure and true knowledge about His divine form and various other aspects of spirituality, He specifically discoursed speeches. The compilation of these speeches after due editing by the five great sadgurus like Gopalanand Swami etc. is known as the Vachanamrut. It provides practical and radical solutions to various mysteries and questions of life. Again, there are many words which either because of not being in use in current language or because of their linguistic complexity or because of their being of spiritual depth or being vulnerable to be misunderstood require explanation by a person having experiential divine knowledge. Pujya Shri Narayanbhai revealed meanings of such words to his attendants and got them compiled. It is now in the form of the present book.

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