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'Vachanamrut' as the title suggests is the nectar of discourses coming directly from the holy lips of Supreme Lord Shri Swaminarayan. It is in the form of answers to the questions raised by saints and devotees in divine assemblies addressed by Maharaj at different places. It is a unique volume explaining the doctrine of Swaminarayan philosophy. Those Muktas who had personally received His divine grace call it "Sarvopari Vedashastra"- the exhaustive and complete book of spiritual knowledge. Anadi Mahamuktaraj Shri Abjibapashri has written a commentary on this scripture. It is called 'Rahasyartha Pradipika'. Bapashri has simplified the deep spiritual concepts for the benefit of common men in this volume. It is an exposition of the most intricate topic like 'atmatatva, paramatmatatva, various chaitanya states, difference between 'sakar' and 'nirakar' as well as 'Saguna' and 'nirguna' modes of worship. Although it deals with metaphysics, religion and ethics, the clarity and simplicity of style makes it a gospel and its essential message reaches directly to the heart of the reader. This timeless spiritual guide can take place of the preceptor. For the convenience of the readers, we have published it in two attractive volumes.

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